Unlocking the Mystery of Saunas: Exploring the Key Differences and Benefits


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Fully Stocked for Delivery Nationwide


Fully Stocked for Delivery Nationwide


What is the difference between traditional Steam Sauna and an Infrared Sauna?

It's a personal preference.

Both therapies will raise your heart rate, get your circulation working and make you sweat. Both have many health and wellbeing benefits.

Steam saunas work by pouring a small amount water on top of hot rocks that are heated by an electric stove. This creates the steam.

The Infrared saunas work by heating the skin directly with infrared energy,
this is a dry heat and some customers find it may be more comfortable at higher

Is Infrared light safe?

Yes. All our infrared saunas use the "Healthy" range of Infrared light. There is no damaging UV light in the infrared saunas.

All our saunas are EU Safety compliant.

What is the differencebetween Quartz and Magnesium Infrared?

Quartz emitters contain the full spectrum of the infrared range. Near, Mid and Far infrared. This also emits a visible "warming glow" and penetrates deeper into the skin for a more intense heat. This is great for muscle recovery and other aches and pains.

The Magnesium emitters and Carbon panels contains the far range of the infrared spectrum only. Some customers find this a more gentle, enveloping heat. It is in the invisible range of the spectrum. A good detox and great for the skin.

The shorter the wavelength (near) the more intense the heat.

All our infrared saunas are Full Spectrum Infrared.

Do I need an electrician orany special plumbing?

Our infrared saunas work off a domestic 3 pin plug socket. While we would recommend not placing them on a carpeted floor due to the floor heater panel. Any tiled or concrete surface would be perfect. No plumbing is required.

Our steam saunas would need an electrician to hardwire it back to the mains electricity board. And a room with good ventilation is recommended. No plumbing is required. As there are open slats on the steam saunas floor, a tiled or concrete floor would be ideal.

Can I put it outside?

We have specific models of outdoor steam saunas that are built to cope with the Irish weather conditions. Our Indoor saunas cannot be placed outdoors. But they can certainly be placed in a garage or any other dry weather proof structure.

Can I take it with me if I move house?

Yes. All of our saunas are of a very high quality construction. Each side is one complete panel, While we would not recommend doing this on a regular basis, they can be dismantled and moved to a new location.

What about EMF?

While all electrical devices emit an Electromagnetic Field, The way our infrared saunas are constructed means there is virtually zero EMF within the sauna cabin itself. The overall EMF would be less than a laptop computer for example.

What else comes with thesauna?

Traditional steam saunas come with the hydrometer/thermometer, stove, coals, hourglass timer, interior light/s, wooden bucket and ladle.

Infrared saunas all have built-in Chromotherapy LED lights, interior lighting and blutooth/radio/MP3 player.

Do you offer an assembly service?

Yes, we offer an assembly service for the indoor saunas where we deliver, install and remove all packaging from €195.00 (Depending on location). For Traditional steam saunas, you would still need an electrician to connect the wiring to the mains electricity board.

For our outdoor saunas, an assembly service is also available starting at €950 depending on site and location. Again, you will still need an electrician to hard wire it back to your mains electricity board.

How do I maintain my sauna?

For Outdoor saunas it is advisable to seal the wood with oil.

For the inside, a damp lint free cloth can be used to to wipe the benches and floors.

For infrared saunas, a damp cloth can be used on the benches and floors. Stains can be removed with light sandpaper.


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