Cold Smoked Salmon

Our 8 steps for Cold Smoking Salmon


What you need 

1 side of salmon

Rosemary and thyme 

8 ounces of Sugar 

Smoking Dust of choice 

cold smoker 



 Cold Smoked Salmon


1. Get a side of salmon skin on, descaled and Pinboned

2. Freeze for minimum 12 hours

3. Defrost

4. Make a brine of salt dissolved in cold water.

Should be enough to cover the fish, and there is enough salt in the mix when a raw potato floats in it.

Leave for 24 hours 5. Remove fish and dry 6.

Chop herbs of choice, I use rosemary and thyme and mix with sugar, about 8 ounces.

Put sugar mix on flesh side of salmon and refrigerate for 24 hours

7. Scrape sugar mixture off salmon but do not rinse fish.

8. Cold smoke fish with dust of choice, I use cherry and maple. Small cold smoker normally lasts 14/16 hours

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