Traeger Mesquite Pellets 20lb Bag


To master the craft of outdoor cooking and flavourful food, quality fuel is key; that’s where Mesquite Pellets come in. Not only do they provide a natural fuel to keep your grill fired up, they infuse your meat, fish and veg with a distinctive Southwestern BBQ flavour. Traeger has dedicated years to developing a premium blend of hardwoods to obtain a dependable burn. Taste the Traeger difference.

Convection process – hardwood smoke circulates for even heat & epic taste
Hopper – hours of smoking & grilling without reloading
Auger – fuels the fire, moving hardwood from hopper to fire pot
Flavour – from trees of the desert | sweet & savoury | signature taste of Texas
Pairing – compliment fish, chicken & beef with husky Mesquite Pellets
Mill to grill – milled from recycled trees | 100% natural | no artificial binders

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